SI-40 – Spout Inserting Machine

This machine comes with the automatic upload of the spout into the pouch. SI-40 is a servo driven, fully automated spout inserting machine fitted for large production plants. This thermal spout inserting machine is an industrial spout sealing machine for companies who need a machine with intermediate production capacity. 

The SI-40 is a high capacity spout inserting machine, set up to handle up to 40 spouts per minute.

Insertor with high accuracy

The SI-40 spout insertor is made for sealing the spout to the pouch at high speeds with high accuracy, but somewhat slower than his big brother the SI-60.   By fixing the spout, we avoid having spouts that are not well centred and aligned.

Possible spout positions and pouch shapes

  • Center, off center and corner spout inserter, special shapes of pouches are possible but can be subjected to technical assessment.
  • Pouch shape – square, round or shaped. In some cases special tooling for handling certain shapes will be needed.


  • Max speed:  40 ppm
  • Spout position: Top center or corner
  • Change over time:   < 30 min
  • Pouch width:   65 – 320 mm
  • Pouch length:   90 – 400 mm
  • Film thickness from 80  – 1.200 μm
  • Conveyor height max discharge:  700- 900 mm


  • Feeding on a rail system instead of using the out feed conveyor belt, the pouches will be fed directly onto a plastic rail. We can also outfeed pouches flat onto a feeding rail.
  • Remote technical support possible.
  • Universal spout insertor sorting bowl to handle many different types of spouts on the same feeding system

Watch demonstrations below.

Monofiller Multihead 2

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