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Chemical and technical products

Are you producing chemicals & technical products and seeking to find the right partner to build your machinery for your spouted pouches? Search no more, you have found the right partner right here.

The perfect match between machine and pouch

Our machines will fill and cap your pouches with chemicals or other technical fluids such as oils, grease, detergents… Scaldopack will offer you the future proof solutions you are looking for, when considering flexible packaging of your product in spouted pouches!

Our solutions for chemicals and technical fluids

Scaldopack offers solutions for filling pouches in different sizes and speeds. These machines are designed according to the highest standards in industry. Our machines offer highly appreciated key features such as hygiene, safety, waste reduction and flexibility among producers of liquid and high-viscosity products as production protocols are becoming increasingly stringent. In addition to filling your pouches, our machines also apply the caps to your pouches. 

Customized configuration

Scaldopack machines can be used for all kinds of products.  Whether you are using these machines for packing and filling motor oils, skin creams, apple juice, pasta sauces, … or any other fluid or semi fluid product, the configuration of the Scaldopack machines can be customized to your products and pouch sizes to ensure an efficient packaging process.

Watch demonstrations below.

Monofiller Multihead 2

The Monofiller Multihead 2 is our premium machine that can fill 60 packs per minute through the spout. This machine is used in the food and non-food industry. It can handle high viscous products and products with particles.

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Filling pre-made pouches through the spout and capping them. This “smart” machine can be custom built with a range of different options.

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Monofiller Stepper

Monofiller is a 100% servo controlled spout filling machine. This machine fills pre-spouted pouches through the spout and caps them.

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