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Last update: 17th of august 2021

The protection of your privacy is very important to Scaldopack and not taken lightly. In this statement we tell you more about the personal data we gather from our website, the purpose of these data, your rights and the way you can exercise your rights and mesures we take to protect your personal data.


  • With “Scaldopack” or “we” we mean the legal entity and her legal representatives, situated with her judicial seat in at Boulevard des Canadiens 118, 7711 Dottignies is responsable for data treatement of pesonal data like mentioned in this privacy declaration.
  • With the terminology “user” or “you” we refer to any natural person, legal entity or government agency for whom data is processed.


  • “Personal data”: data about you as a natural person
  • “Treatment”: a process or sum of processes on personal data, automated or not automated like for example, gathering, structuring, saving, consulting,updating or using, combining, deleting or erasing of personal data
  • A “Cookie”: a small textfile which is saved to your computer or mobile device at the moment you visit this website

The management of your personal data is conducted according to the current regulations in effect of the EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27th of april 2016 concerning the protection of natural persons in relation tot he treatment of your personal data.  Scaldopack applies this regulation as well to its digital as its manual data treatment.

We ask you to read this privacy statement carefully before you start using our services and/or website and remit to us your personal data.

Future adjustments to this privacy statement can not be excluded or forseen. Scaldopack thus reserves the right to change this policy at any given moment in the future, as you are notified through this website.

The personal data we gather from you

When you use our services, buy products or you visit our website, it is likely you leave certain data in our system behind.The nature of these data can be personal data which you procured to us directly or indirectly.  These data can be used for different variety of purposes and may have a variable saving period.

We save your data only if we suspect these data are relevant for future contact and personal contact. Some relevant examples are: If we require to execute tasks for potential future customers, if you give your explicit consent for commercial use by Scaldopack or in the execution of a contractual obligation

We only share your data if explicit consent is given from the concerned party or if official regulations oblige us to do so. For the information gathering we us services with several different IT-partners.  Scaldopack is responsible for the data treatment and closes contracts with several IT-partners with the intent to ensure maximum privacy for all concerned.

The use of graphic materials like photography & video

Within our modus operandi, pictures and video recordings can be made in which individuals can be seen from time to time.  We make a clear distinction between focused and non focused images.

  • Non-focused images do not have the intent to focus on one identifiable individual but merley serve to ad a general mood to the image or video. Scaldopack can use these images or videos for general didactical, educational and/or promotional purposes in printed and digital media.
  • Focused imagery tends to draw attention to one or more individuals in the image or video during a group activity or staged pictures. For use of this kind of pictures or videos explicit permission will be asked from all concerned parties and they will be informed in how these graphics will be used.  You can always revoke your permission.

Rights of the user and the ways you can exercise your rights as a user


Corresponding to article 7.3 & article 13 – 22 of previous mentioned regulations (EU) 2016/679 you have the right, after written demand to:

  • Revoke your permission for data treatment Revoking your permission does not have any impact on the justifiability of the data treatment befor revoking your permission.
  • To see what personal data have been kept of you and are within your rights to get a copy of your data in our system.
  • To have erratic data corrected or have incomplete data completed
  • To have your personal data deleted from our system if it the presence of your data is not needed to fullfill legal obligations or our obligation to archive offical documents.
  • Obtain the limitation of data preservation of your personal data
  • Ask & obtain transmission of your personal data to you or an organisation appointed by your choice if technically possible and processing depends on your consent or data processing is necessary in execution of an agreement in which you are a concerned party.
  • To object to the registration of your personal data for profiling purposes or direct marketing purposes with exception of automated processing based decissions.

 How to exercise these rights:

To be able to exercise these rights we demand you send us a written, dated and signed request to Scaldopack, Hospitaalweg 10A, 8510 Kortrijk (Marke) to the attention of the marketing department.

After receipt of your request we will react asap or within a time span of 1 month. Depending on the complexity of your request, this time span can be prolonged with an extension of 2 months.

The exercising of these rights mentioned earlier is completly free of charge. We do reserve the right to bill you a reasonable fee for administrative cost which can occur during the procurement of the information you ask for or the measures you ask for.

Apart from the above mentioned rights according to article 77 – 82 of the regulation (EU) 2016/679 people also have the right to:

  • File a complaint with the governing authority of the membering state, where he or she usually resides, has his or her workingplace or where the alledged infraction has been committed if he or she thinks there has been an infraction on the processing of his or her personal data according to this regulation. In belgium this is the Data Protection Authority. You can do this by adressing a letter or email like the procedure describes in the following link:
  • To take legal action against the Data Protection Authority for failing to handle your complaint or for failing to notify about the progress or outcome of your submitted complaint
  • To take legal action against Scaldopack for infraction on personal data.

Measures to protect your personal data

The measures we take

Scaldopack is taking apropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data and garantee optimal security levels.

We took, amongst others, the following measures:

  • The appointment of a data protection officer, who can be contacted in case of questions or problems by email at the folowing mailaddress:
  • Granting access to certain personal data obtained from you only to certain persons for whom it is necessary data for the performance of their function.
  • Submiting of those persons to confidentiality commitments
  • Keeping of a register of processing activities
  • Regularly testing, evaluating and adjusting the effectiveness of our security measures
  • Enforcing guarantees with regard to the application of appropriate technical and organizational security measures, in the case of subcontractors who process personal data on behalf of Scaldopack.
  • Carrying out a data protection impact assessment prior to the processing of personal data using new technologies that pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subject
  • Reporting a breach and other important information to the supervisory authority and, where appropriate, to the data subject(s), if it concerns a personal data breach that poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the data subject(s)
  • Cooperating with the supervisory authorities upon request and consulting the supervisory authorities in the performance of our duties.

 The measures we ask from you

Although we take every thinkable precaution to protect your personal data, an effective protection is only possible if you take yourself some necessary measures.

We would like to ask you:

  • To provide us with fully and accurate information
  • To take care over the confidentiality of your personal data and userdata. These are, after all, strictly personal and non-transferable.

Demands or remarks?

If you still have question after reading this privacy statement, we advise you to take up contact with our Data protection officer  by mail to

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